The End . . . For Now is the ninety-third and final chapter of Zak Saturday's Immortal Love Life. It was first published on April 2, 2016.


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Zak's POV

Sarah and I went on a two week trans-Atlantic cruise for our honeymoon since there kind of wasn’t any place we haven’t already been to over the years.

The first night was a little awkward for us since we would probably be doing what a lot of people do on their honeymoons, and that’s something we haven’t done in years. Not since we’ve had Jasmine.

Now would be the first time since we’ve had her that we would try to do it again. But, as I’ve already mentioned, it was awkward.

“Are you ready?” I asked Sarah hesitantly as I stood really close to her.

She nodded, also very hesitant. “As ready as I’ll ever be.”

“Same here.”

I started with kissing her to get both of us comfortable and in the mood. And while doing so, I slowly laid her on the bed in our private room. Then I moved down to her neck and kissed it, causing her to moan. Ok, off to a good start.

Then I . . . well, you can probably figure out the rest of what happened that night.

“Wow,” Sarah said after waking up the next morning. “That was even better than I remembered.”

“Yeah,” I agreed.

Sarah got on top of me and kissed me. “What do you say about making love again before we eat breakfast, only this time, in the shower?”

“I say ok.” Then I kissed her.

We got out of bed and into the shower.

We were in it for about an hour. Longest shower I’ve ever taken. But it was with my new wife, so it was fine.

That was what we pretty much did for half the trip. At night we made love in bed and in the morning we did in the shower.

During the day, when we weren’t in port, we would hang out around the ship, and when we were in port, we’d go out into the foreign land. A land we’ve probably already been to.

Sarah and I were upset that the trip had to end, but a honeymoon can’t last forever, especially when you have a four-year-old daughter waiting for you at home. She was staying with Zack, Selena, and Peter while we were gone.

She was so happy to see us. “Mommy! Daddy!”

“Hey,” I said and picked her up. “Did you have fun with Peter and your aunt and uncle while we were gone?”

“Uh-huh. It was boring sometimes, though.”

“Same for us,” Sarah said. “Now let’s go home.”


Later that night, I tucked Jasmine into her bed.

“Sleep tight,” I told her.

“You too, Daddy,” she replied and clutched her stuff bear.

“Don’t let the bedbugs bite her, Komodo.”

He did a little salute with his tail.

“I’m sure he won’t since we all know how much he loves to eat bugs,” Sarah said, coming into the room.

“Yep,” Jasmine agreed.

“Good night, Jasmine.”

“’Night, Mommy.”

“Zak, can you come with me for a moment? I need to tell you something.”


We left our daughter’s room and closed the door behind us. Sarah grabbed my hand and led me to our room. She sat me down on our bed.

“What is it, Sarah?” I asked.

She went into the bathroom, came back a moment later with something in her hand, and sat down in front of me on the bed.

“What is that?” I asked.

“It’s a pregnancy test,” she said. “And it’s positive.”

I stared at her. “Are you serious?”

She nodded. “Yes, Zak. I know that you’re afraid of what could happen to me since it almost happened the last time, but can you please be excited that we’re going to be having another baby? He’s not going to be happy if his daddy isn’t happy either.”

“He?” I asked.

“Uh, yeah. I have a feeling we’re going to be having a son since we kind of saw him that one time after I woke up from my coma.”

“A son. Ok, now I’m excited. I am going to be anyway, despite how much I may not like the risk. But no more children after him.”

“Deal. But you never know what could happen.”


“Jasmine will probably be more excited than anyone else.”

“Yeah, probably. Let’s tell her tomorrow and she’ll probably tell everyone else.”

“Yeah.” Sarah gave me a kiss. “Thank you. Everything’s as it should be.”

“For now,” I said.”

“Yes, for now.”

I kissed her.

Honestly, I couldn’t believe how far we’ve come to be where we were today. There have been some good times and some bad as well, but we made it through it all together, and we’re still going strong.

I don’t know what’s going to happen next in our lives, but whatever does happen, we’ll still get through it together. That’s all that matters.

This is Zak Saturday, signing off.

For now.

Well, if you guys couldn't tell by the title of this chapter and Zak's last sentence, this is the last chapter of this story. It was kind of fun. Thank you to everyone that followed and favorited this story, as well as posted good reviews, despite the lack of description. I promise you the sequel will be much better. Originally, at the very beginning of this story, I was going to publish it the day after this story was complete, which would be tomorrow, but I've changed my mind. I have some other things I want to focus on before I publish the next story, and I won't do some of the same things with that story as I did with this story, one of them being updating everyday. I do have a lot of chapters for the next story written, but it was a struggle to keep up with this, though it got a lot easier when the chapters started getting shorter. I hope to publish the sequel in about two weeks if I can get everything I want to do in that time done. It maybe three weeks though. I will leave this story uncompleted until I do publish the next story to let you know that it has been published, and you'll get a notification about it in your emails, unless you also follow and/or favorite me personally. But I'm really anxious to publish it. And until I do, I have a quiz for you guys regarding this story:

What was your favorite chapter of this story? I think mine would be the chapters of when Sarah was in her coma, chapters 61-64. That was a little fun to write, and better than the original situation I had planned for that.

What was your least favorite chapter? I'm not sure about that one. Maybe Chapter 24: Something in the Water. I think I had to write that chapter three times, because I think I may have written it out, and then lost it, and had to rewrite the whole chapter over again. That was a pain in the ass, and very upsetting that I just wanted to be done with it already and move on to the next one.

Who was your favorite character? I think it's obviously Sarah and/or Zak. Probably Zak. Yeah, they made their relationship hard sometimes for the other, but I think Sarah did that more Zak, and Zak loves her too much to stay mad at her, and he knows that she's sorry for it and wants to make it right. That's how I've always seen Zak, and I love that about him.

Who was your least favorite character? It would probably be one of their enemies, and their worst ones, I think, were the Secret Scientists, especially Arthur Beeman.

Which chapter do you think was the longest? Which chapter was the shortest?

Sarah and Zak shared POVs throughout the story. Who do you think had the most POVs, and who had the least?

For those last four questions, I, of course, already know the answer to those, so I'm not going to say. Those are the real questions for the quiz to give you guys something to do until I publish the next story, and when I do is when I'll give you the answers to them. Thanks, guys!

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