Spending Father’s Day at an Amusement Park is the sixteenth chapter of Zak Saturday's Immortal Love Life. It was first published on January 16, 2016.


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Sarah's POV

It’s 10am, and Zack, Mom, and I are meeting Dad and Emily at an amusement park about 30 miles from where we live. The animals were going hunting in Africa for a while. To be more exact, in Masi Mara in Kenya.

I was dressed in a white T-shirt that said “My dad is the greatest dad in the world” on the front (I feel weird wearing it considering what’s been going on between me and my dad), with matching white shorts and sneakers. Zack was wearing the same T-shirt with blue jeans and black sneakers. Mom, same T-shirt, except it says “My husband is the greatest father in the world to our children” on the front, with light blue jeans and white sandals. She also had her hair in a ponytail.

“Mom, are you sure about this?” I asked her.

“Yes, Sarah,” she replied. “Your dad promised that he wouldn’t talk about Zak and your relationship with him and to just focus on spending the day with us. Even though you and your dad should talk about that and make up.”

“I don’t think that’ll happen.”

“It will someday. We just gotta give it time.”

Dad and Emily were waiting for us near the entrance of the amusement park. He was also wearing the same T-shirt as us, but on the front it said “I’m the greatest daddy the world.”

Ok. I’m wondering why someone ever made these shirts and why we bought them to wear today. They even made one for babies because Emily was wearing one too.

They waved at us and we went over to them. Dad gave Mom a kiss, then she took Emily from his arms. I gave him a hug and he bumped fists with Zack.

We entered the park and went on every ride we walked by. But there were barely any that we could all go on together since Emily’s too young for most of them, so Zack and Dad would go on first, then me and Mom. Then me and Dad would go together on the next ride, then Zack and Mom and ex cetera.

After a couple hours, we decided to stop for a while and get something to eat. We all ordered cheeseburgers from a food booth and sat around a table. Emily had her formula since she couldn’t eat any solid food right now without any teeth.

“So Sarah,” Dad said. “How’s everything going between you and Zak?”

I tensed. I put my cheeseburger down and looked at Mom.

“Cj, you promised you wouldn’t ask about him,” she said to him.

“I promised I wouldn’t be judgmental about them dating,” he corrected. “But I can’t just ask how they’re doing?”

Mom looked at me, asking a silent question. I thought about it for a moment, then nodded.

Mom turned back to Dad. “Ok. But she doesn’t have to answer questions if she doesn’t want to.”

“Ok,” he said, then turned toward me. “So how’s it going between you two?”

“Uh, fine,” I replied. “I mean, it was a little rough between us these past few days, but it’s ok now.”

“Why was it rough?”

I told him about Drew finding her long-lost brother, Doyle, and how he and Doc couldn’t quite get along with each other, and that Zak was kind of neglecting me to spend time with him.

When I was finished, Dad chuckled. “Yeah, I know how what that feels like.”

“What, exactly?” I asked.

“To deal with your spouse not getting along with some members of your family.”

He looked accusingly at Mom.

“Shut up,” she told him. “They’re the ones who were treating me like shit ever since we met, and I treated them the same way back.”

“I know.”

“Wait,” Zack said. “Who are you talking about exactly? Uncle Rick or Aunt Michele? Or both?”

“Neither,” they both said in unison.

They’re our dad’s brother and sister.

“Then who?” I asked.

Dad hesitated a moment before answering. “My parents.”

“Your parents?” Zack and I asked in unison.

We had never met our grandparents before. Mom and Dad didn’t like talking about them, and neither did our aunt or uncle.

“Yeah,” Dad said, his voice tight. “But let’s not talk about them and get back to the subject.”

We kind of had no choice but to agree, even though we didn’t want to.

“Your mother told me that you’re giving Zak sword lessons,” Dad told me. “How’s that going?”

“Good,” I replied. “But we haven’t really done anymore lessons since what happened the last time.”

“What happened the last time?”

I told him about Zak slicing my shoulder in half and how I got back at him by stabbing him in the stomach.

Dad chuckled a little bit at that. “As brutal as that sounds, I’m glad you got him back.”

“Well, he didn’t do that to me on purpose,” I said in Zak’s defense. “But I did. Mostly because he let his guard down.”

“Well, that’s what he gets.”

“Uh, yeah.”

I was feeling uncomfortable again.

“Listen, Sarah,” Dad said. “I’m sorry for how I treated you a couple weeks ago, but I still don’t approve of you dating him.”

I sighed. “Why?”

“Because you’re still too young.”

“If you just got to know him, you might actually like him. He’s a good guy.”

“Well, can I meet him?”

“I—I don’t know. He and his family are pretty busy.”

“Well, either way, I still don’t approve of it.”

I sighed again. The conversation ended from there.

“Ooooook,” Mom said. “Let’s finish up here and go on more rides.”

We finished our lunch in silence. Then we walked around for a while.

Zack wanted to go on the tallest roller coaster in the park so we went on that ride, but it didn’t really cheer any of us up. But luckily for us, there is one ride that always tends to put someone whose in a bad mood in a good one. The ride is called the Scrambler, and it swings us around really fast like you’re in car going more than a hundred miles an hour. It’s really hard not to smile. We went on it twice, and then a third time later on.

Eventually it got dark and we went home.

Well, this day could’ve went better if Dad hadn’t asked me about Zak, but at least it ended ok, I guess.

I’m not ever going to let him come between me and Zak, or anyone else for that matter, if I can help it. But I know some day he’ll realize how great a guy Zak is.

I just hope that day comes soon.

Yeah, this was a really short chapter. Don't worry, the next one will be longer.

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