Nick is the former husband of Raylee Hollinger, the father of Alex Hollinger, Madison Hollinger, and Kiara Hollinger, and a character in Zak Saturday's Immortal Love Life and The Gift of a Best Friend. He made his first appearance in Curse of the Stolen Tiger.




  1. Curse of the Stolen Tiger
  2. The Truth About my Mom’s Past
  3. This is Real . . . (mentioned)
  4. I Learn a Little More About my Mom’s Childhood Past (mentioned)
  5. My Twin Brother’s Finally Returned (mentioned)
  6. Everything Has Changed, Part 1
  7. Everything Has Changed, Part 2
  8. Everything Has Changed, Part 3 (mentioned)
  9. Everything Has Changed, Part 4
  10. I Guess Not Everything Has Changed (mentioned)
  11. I Tell my Mom my Dream (mentioned)
  12. I Help Zak With His Powers
  13. Something We Thought Would Never Happen (mentioned)
  14. Shouldn’t Come Back
  15. Never Been Hurt
  16. I Get Jealous of My Twin Brother and My Best Friend
  17. We Get a Surprising Gift
  18. Our Family Gathers to Talk About Our Situation
  19. I Do Something I Haven’t Done in Three Years (mentioned)
  20. Zack Tells Me a Surprising Secret of His (mentioned)
  21. Decisions, Decisions (mentioned)
  22. It’s Time
  23. Our Daughter, the Cupid Killer
  24. My Daughter Gives Me Something From Her Daddy (mentioned)
  25. The Movie, Part 2
  26. It Was Good . . .
  27. . . . Until We Said “I Do”
  28. I Try to Get a New Friend (mentioned)
  29. I Share My Birthday With My New Friend Forever
  30. I Do Cool Things That I Didn’t Know I Could Do
  31. I Breakaway
  32. I Learn Something New
  33. I Have a Vision of a Boy with Sea Green Eyes
  34. Luke Goes Home
  35. My Family Comes to Camp Half-Blood
  36. Luke and I Get an Amazing Offer (mentioned)
  37. A New Home and a New Family
  38. Cassandra is Mad
  39. I Almost Get a New Uncle, Part 2
  40. I Meet a Brother and Sister



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