Chewie Hollinger is a cheetah, the son of Amber Hollinger and Kimbia Hollinger, and a pet of Raylee Hollinger, Sarah Hollinger, and Zack Hollinger, and a character in Zak Saturday's Immortal Love Life and The Gift of a Best Friend. He made his first appearance in The Kur Stone, Part 2.




  1. The Kur Stone, Part 2
  2. The Vengeance of Hibagon
  3. Second Sword Fighting Lesson and Realization
  4. The Ice Caverns of Ellef Ringnes
  5. Guess Who’s Going to be Dinner?
  6. Eevee Catastrophe
  7. The King of Kumari Kandam
  8. Van Rook's Apprentice
  9. Twelve Hundred Degrees Fahrenheit
  10. The Owlman Feeds at Midnight
  11. The Swarm at the Edge of Space
  12. Black Monday
  13. Cryptid vs. Cryptid
  14. The Underworld Bride
  15. Ghost in the Machine
  16. Something in the Water
  17. Target: Fiskerton
  18. Once More the Nightmare Factory
  19. Curse of the Stolen Tiger
  20. My Baby Sister Wants my Ex-Boyfriend
  21. Food of the Giants
  22. The Atlas Pin
  23. Paris is Melting
  24. The Truth About my Mom’s Past
  25. Where Lies the Engulfer
  26. Shadows of Lemuria
  27. I Know What Happened and Maybe Even How
  28. The Search for Zak Doesn’t End Well
  29. My Twin Brother Goes Missing
  30. Kur, Part 2
  31. The Thousand Eyes of Ahuizotl
  32. My Twin Brother’s Finally Returned
  33. My Anti-Self Becomes My New Brother With a New Name
  34. War of the Cryptids
  35. Everything Has Changed, Part 1
  36. Everything Has Changed, Part 2
  37. Everything Has Changed, Part 4
  38. I Guess Not Everything Has Changed
  39. Life is a Song . . .
  40. . . . Sing it
  41. I Help Zak With His Powers
  42. Shouldn’t Come Back
  43. Never Been Hurt
  44. Our Family Gathers to Talk About Our Situation
  45. Our Daughter, the Cupid Killer
  46. My Daughter Gives Me Something From Her Daddy
  47. The Movie, Part 1
  48. It Was Good . . .
  49. . . . Until We Said “I Do”
  50. I Try to Get a New Friend (mentioned)
  51. I Share My Birthday With My New Friend Forever
  52. I Learn What I Can Do With My Powers
  53. I Breakaway
  54. I Lose My Best Friend
  55. I Learn Something New
  56. I Have a Vision of a Boy with Sea Green Eyes
  57. Luke Goes Home
  58. My Family Comes to Camp Half-Blood
  59. Cassandra is Mad
  60. I Almost Get a New Uncle, Part 2



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  • Unlike his mother, father, brother, and sisters, Chewie was not based on a cheetah from Big Cat Diary. His name came from it, but it was from the name of a male leopard.