After Kur's Rising is the thirty-eighth chapter of Zak Saturday's Immortal Love Life. It was first published on February 7, 2016.


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Sarah's POV

I sat up on my bed breathing hard from the nightmare I just had. “Zak.”

I grabbed my phone off of my nightstand and video phoned him. I waited a little while, but he didn’t answer, and since it was a video call, I couldn’t leave him a message.

I’ve been trying to call him for the past two days, but he hasn’t been answering or returning any of my calls. I think part of the reason for that is something that I saw in the nightmare that I’ve been having for the past two nights, but I really hope that that wasn’t the reason.

Then my alarm went off.

6:15am. Time to get ready for the first day of the new school year. So I got out of bed and got dressed. I put on my purple track suit with matching purple tennis shoes.

For the past few years, I’ve only worn track suits to school. They’re so comfortable and easy to put on and take off. I have a lot of them, ten different colors to be exact, and take turns wearing each one with every passing day. I also really like to wear clothes that match in color along with shoes and socks. (I get it from my mom.)

I grabbed my purple backpack and left my room to get some breakfast. Zack and Mom were in the kitchen when I entered it.

“’Morning,” Mom said.

“Good morning,” I replied. “And good morning to you, Zack.”

“Yeah, yeah, good morning,” he said.

I laughed.

I grabbed a bowl of cereal and sat down next to him on the island.

“You guys excited about going back to school?” Mom asked.

“No,” Zack and I said in unison.

She smiled. “Didn’t think so, but you’ll survive.”

“Yeah, especially now that I have my powers,” I said.

“That’s the spirit.”

Zack and I finished our breakfast, then we shouldered our backpacks.

“We’re going to go now, Mom,” I said.

“Ok,” she replied. “Try to have fun and learn something.”

“We will,” Zack said. “Bye.”

We left our house and went to the school bus stop, meeting Selena there.

“Hi, guys,” she greeted us.

“Hey, Selena,” we greeted back.

Zack gave her a kiss.

“Another year of hell is about to begin,” she said.

“You’re right,” I agreed. “Along with crap.”

The three of us laughed.

The school bus arrived a few minutes later. We got on it and sat together in the back. After arriving at school, we got off of the bus and went to our lockers then to our classes.

All three of us have the same classes together. The teachers were all the same, welcoming us all back and also welcoming some new students this year.

I’m an A+ student, my favorite subject would have to be Math, mostly because it’s the one subject my mom can actually help me with. Though, she does try with all the other subjects, except English, her worst subject of all.

After all our morning classes were done with, we went to the cafeteria for lunch. We sat at our usual table along with the rest of our friends: Jason, Jessica, Mark, Michael, and Demi.

Jessica and Demi are total girls. They’re so dramatic about everything. Selena and I know them because we’re on the same cheerleading squad together.

Yeah, that’s right.

I’m a cheerleader.

Yeah, that’s right. I’m a cheerleader. And Selena’s the head cheerleader. Why am I not? Because she’s a better dancer than I am, and I learn from her.

The boys, Jason, Michael, and Mark were on the basketball team with Zack.

“Sarah!” Jessica and Demi screamed. “Tell us about your boyfriend.”

I smiled. “Hey, guys. Nice seeing you again after not speaking to each other for weeks.”

“We forgive you,” Jessica said. “Now tell us about your boyfriend.”

“Can’t wait until after school?” Michael asked.

“Yeah,” Mark agreed. “Your conversations about guys last forever and are annoying.”

“You’re annoying,” Jessica and Demi said.

Oh, and they’re also sisters. Just a year apart from each other, but they’re in the same grade on purpose.

“So what’s your boyfriend’s name again, Sarah?” Jessica asked.

“Zak Saturday,” I replied.

“You’re dating someone who has the same name as your brother?” Demi asked. “Eww.”

“It’s just a name. And that reminds me: hold on.”

I grabbed my phone and video phoned him again, but he still didn’t answer.

I sighed.

“Still not answering?” Zack asked.

I shook my head. “No.”

“He’s probably really busy.”

“Yeah. Probably.”

“So what does he do, again?” Jason asked.

I explained it to him and the others about cryptids and all of that stuff, but when I was done, they all looked confused.

I sighed. My friends aren’t idiots, but they’re not that smart either.

“Never mind,” I said. “You guys are never going to get it.”

“That doesn’t mean we can’t try to,” Mark said.

Well, I can’t hate him for the effort.

The school bell rang and we headed back to our classes. After school ended for the day, Zack and I went home. Selena joined us.

“Hey, guys,” Mom said once we entered our house. “How was school?”

“Fine,” I replied.

“Any homework?”

“A little, but I think we can handle it.”


I tried calling Zak again for the third time today, but he still wasn’t answering. I was worried about him.

“Umm, I’m going to go down to the music room,” I said.

“Ok,” Mom said.

I went off.

I guess I should tell you about my house and where I live.

Well, our family lives in Parkville, Missouri. We live in a small neighborhood, have a big backyard with an in-ground pool, trampoline, and swing set. We also live behind a field. Deer live back there along with wolves. Yeah, you heard me right: wolves. But they don’t come out very often.

There was a big park across the street from our house, which is like a second back yard, and we hang out there all the time. And the Missouri River is just a few hundred yards away.

Yeah, it’s a pretty cool place to live. The only downside about it was the train, but Mom made our house soundproof to it.

Now, back on our house.

On the outside, it looks like a regular family-size house. But, on the inside, it was literally like a mansion, thanks to our powers. Every room was twice the size it use to be. Mom, Zack, and Emily’s rooms were the size of a master bedroom. We even have a lot of guest bedrooms. Mom and Dad’s bedroom was the biggest. And the best thing of all, every bedroom has there own bathroom, so no sharing with someone else necessary.

We have the other typical rooms like the living room, family room, kitchen, and basement, and they’re big. But we also have a kind of secret ground floor.

It has all kinds of rooms down there, which was where most of the guest bedrooms were. There’s a video game room; a theater room; a roller rink that changes with the season from roller blading to ice skating, but we can change it to either during any time of the year; and there’s also a combat room or arena where you can learn how to use any kind of weapon you want, like a sword, and practice with dummies or with your friends.

That’s my second favorite room down there. My first favorite was the music room, which was where I’m heading now.

We only have a few instruments in there, like a piano, drums, and a couple guitars and electric guitars. One of the longest walls was a mirror, like in a dance studio, which this room can also be and sometimes is because Selena loves to dance. So do I, but I love to sing more.

Speaking of which . . .

I walked over to my piano, opened the bench lid, grabbed my sheet music out, and looked over it.

Zak wants me to conquer my stage fright so that I can have my dreams of becoming a professional singer. He even helped me to try a little trick and it worked.

At least, with him. But what about a whole crowd? That makes me feel even more nervous. But I have to try, for Zak, but he would want me to do it for myself. I can do it for both of us.

Actually, I will do it for both of us. Now all I have to do is practice.

I summoned my Poké balls and let out all of my Pokémon out. I always let them listen to me sing.

“Ok, guys,” I told them. “You all know that I want to become a singer. And I’ve decided that it’s now or never, and I need your guys help, ok?”

They all nodded in agreement.

“Ok. Then let’s try.”

I picked a song from my music sheets and placed it on my piano. Then I sat on the bench and began to play and sing it.

I wrote the song a couple years ago when my Charizard was having a hard time flying after he had evolved. This song motivated him:

Watch all the flowers

Dance with the wind
Listen to snowflakes
Whisper your name
Feel all the wonder
Lifting your dreams
You can fly

Fly to who you are
Climb upon your star
You believe you’ll find your wings
To your heart

Touch every rainbow
Painting the sky
Look at the magic
Glide through your life
A sprinkle of pixie dust circles the night
You can fly

Fly to who you are
Climb upon your star
You believe you’ll find your wings

Everywhere you go
Your soul will find a home
You’ll be free to spread your wings
You can fly
To your heart
(Fly, fly)

Rise to the heights of all you can be
(Fly, Fly)
Soar on the hope of marvelous things

Fly to who you are
Climb upon your star
You believe you’ll find your wings

Everywhere you go
Your soul will find a home
You’ll be free to spread your wings
You can fly

To your heart

When I finished the song, I came to a conclusion: I’m going to ask my mom and dad (mostly just my mom) if I can become a singer. Dad might not like it, but I know Mom will. She’s always supported me, especially when it comes to music. And I’ve already written a few songs.

Zack and Selena also help with the music for those songs, and I’m pretty sure our other friends would help too. I’m gonna need them.

Now let’s just hope that someone else, preferably a music producer, will love my songs and my voice just as much as my family and friends do.

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